window shopper

I took this quiz yesterday while sulking that I wasn’t going shopping after all. Hate to admit it but big girls sulk too *bawls*. Well, I shouldn’t have taken this quiz because it made me feel worse afterwards.

It says I’m not even much of a shopper! Aargh! Funny, I always thought of myself as a die-hard shopaholic. Maybe I’m not so hot after all, huh? *bawls again*

You’re a Window Shopper!

You know that shopping’s a blast, but you prefer to save your money

You hardly ever give into an impulse buy, unless it’s a total steal

You’ve always got the most money of your friends – and you never have to borrow

And you’ve got a nice wardrobe too … of classic pieces that last years!

Well, to be honest, most of what it says here is true. I love to shop but my days of impulsive shopping ended when I had my kids. Let’s face it, you can’t buy disposable diapers and baby food on impulse 😆 .

True, I have a closet of clothes that I’m happy with. I’m not a slave to fashion. Doesn’t matter what’s in fashion and what the whole world and their half-sister-in-law is wearing.

If it isn’t comfortable or doesn’t look good on me, I’ll pass. Bleh! I think at some point, we have to be completely honest with ourselves. That’s how I look at it anyhow.

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