kids and handphones, when’s the right time?

We’re still waiting for Skye to say, yes, I want my own handphone. But she hasn’t said it yet 😆 . She says she doesn’t need one and it’s a hassle to have to take care of it so it doesn’t get lost.

My 3 teens had a shared handphone up until this year when Steev started college and only because he needs to communicate with us about daily transport arrangements.

Before that, we had one handphone for the 3 of them. Whoever was going out somewhere (school activities, friend’s house) would take the phone.

When Steev got his own phone, the girls started sharing the other phone. They still are now. But recently I got my new handphone (see, pretty cool, eh?)…

… so we’ve got a hand-me-down phone for the girls now. My old handphone is also a pocket PC phone so we thought Raine, being older, should get that while Skye takes over the shared handphone.

Skye is 12 and next year, she’ll have more activities and running around to do when she goes to secondary school. I would feel much better if she’s just a call away.

Many of her friends at school have had their own handphones since they were, what, 8 years old?? A handphone at that age is excessive, if you ask me. What do you think? When’s the right time for a kid to get their own handphone?

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  • Elaine

    Your kids are so down to earth to be willing to share a phone for so many years. I’m not sure with my children. I have given it a thought, I don’t want to give it to them too early and I don’t want them to be too materialistic. But I’m very sure my hubby and his sisters will think otherwise. see when the time comes…

  • clair

    Hope they’ll listen to you. In our family, in-laws and out-laws can put in their 2 cents but DH and I make the decisions about the kids 😉 .

  • regina

    My youngest is 14 and she just got her first phone this year! She survived to age 14 without one so I don’t feel remorseful at all!!

  • Gin

    My baby is just 20 months so me and hubby still have a lot of time to wait. But with my experience with my siblings, my parents let us have our own phone when we went to college. I’m thinking that it’s just the right time and age for a kid to have a phone.

  • clair

    I agree, no hurry at all. Steev didn’t start using one till he was about 16.

    I use the PC functions more than I use the phone functions on mine too.

    Yeah, I’d go on a needs basis as opposed to age. But peer pressure can be quite a force to be reckoned with too LOL.