ever bought ham chips?

I bought these ham chips last weekend. I was like, er, is this old ham? The lady laughed and told me they’re from the ends of large blocks of ham, entirely safe to eat 😆 .

I’ve seen these prepacked ham chips before but never bought them. I notice people zapping them up very quickly because they’re cheaper and great for all sorts of dishes.

Actually it makes sense because when I have leftover ham slices (very seldom though), I cut them up into cubes like these and use them for pizzas and pastas.

See what I made with my ham chips yesterday. Mmm, not bad. My kids are the typical fan guai lo (having non-Asian preferences 😛 ). They don’t like rice but this, they will eat 😉 .

On school days, I just want to cook something quick before I run out to pick them up from school. No time to think. Just grab and throw into the wok 😆 .

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  • Lynne

    I’ve bought pre-packaged ham cubes before, but they never looked like that. What is that stuff on the ham?
    Is that a fried rice that you made? It looks delicious. 😀

  • clair

    You should be able to find very easily at your grocery store’s deli section.

    Great idea, they would taste great!

    The white stuff on the ham is ice. Sorry if I scared you 😆 . I threw the whole pack in the freezer because I wasn’t going to use them the same day.

    Yes, that’s fried rice. I’ll be posting this later on Foodarrific.com so you can grab the recipe from there if you’re interested.

  • regina

    I love those ham bits! I buy them all the time (I presently have 3 packs in my freezer!). We make fried rice, or pizza, or use them in soups & stews, put them on salads, but the favorite for my household is the mac & cheese with ham! They love it!