no-surf zone

I overheard Raine talking to her friend on the phone. These days, it’s a big deal when 15-year-olds don’t see each other online on MSN, so they either call or SMS to find out what’s happening.

Funny, I’m never online and no one bothers calling me! I reckon that immediately qualifies me as someone who belongs to the Dinosaur Age 😆 ??

At any rate, I could only hear Raine’s side of the conversation. But it sounded like her friend was seriously concerned about why Raine hasn’t been online.

Is your computer conked? Raine said no. Are you grounded? Raine said no. After a few more ‘no’s to her friend’s guesses, Raine finally told her she’s only allowed limited time online.

Actually I’ve imposed a no-surf curfew on my two girls as the government exams are approaching. They have to get my approval and even then, only if there’s an emergency online, bwahaha.

I may sound harsh but I’m not. I’m actually pretty easy-going as far as pushing them to study. I’d love for them to score A’s, of course, but I don’t believe offering money as a reward is the way to go. And my kids know that.

They know they must work hard because they want to succeed, not because of the money I’m offering to pay them. So far, it’s worked out really well.

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