kick me, please, we’re actually watching the Olympics?

We missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics. All because our Astro decided to give up on us just days before the Olympics opened. Perfect timing.

My girls had been so looking forward to it. They had such fun cheering the last Olympics and were so-oo disappointed when it ended. I remember telling them it’ll be on again in 4 years.

Well, they waited 4 years only to miss a whole 10 days of it. Poor us have been watching bits of the games at the large screen TVs at the mall. Can you imagine that’s where we got to watch Michael Phelps swim a few laps? How sad!

I called Astro and after listening to their usual mumbo-jumbo, we were no closer to finding out exactly what was wrong. I mean what kind of serious troubleshooting do you really expect to come out of a script?!

After a couple of weekends of running around with our decoder to try and isolate the problem, it turned out that’s not where the problem is. DH figures it has to be satellite dish! Aaargh, the girls and I fainted – almost 😆 !

So how? We have to get the service guy to change the whole thing?!!! That’s going to take another two weeks by which time, it’s bye-bye Olympics for another 4 years!

Luckily DH had a better idea! He surprised us by coming home early, throwing his power tools up on the rooftop and fixing that darned problem. Yay-yay-yay! We got our Astro back, no thanks to Astro *blek*. The girls and I were dancing around the living room while Steev was helping his Dad with the ladder and stuff.

Mr Fix-It has outdone himself again and deserves a big wet kiss (bwahaha!) from his girls! We’re so thrilled we will get to watch the closing ceremony at least. I’d better get the popcorn ready!

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  • ContentedMom

    hi there, i am new to your blog…wow…you actually have the luxury to watch olympics?….:)….i am so busy with my 2 kids…up to my neck at times…

    drop by to visit me and to give some support before I “pengsan”