kiddy movies for the young at heart

Over the weekend, we went to watch 2 kiddy movies, Wall-E and Star Wars. But only because we got free tickets which we weren’t allowed to give away and we didn’t want the tickets to go to waste.

So we might as well go for the hot dogs and popcorn and free aircon while hoping we might be a little entertained even if it’s just a little.

But when we got there, we were starting to get the idea that maybe, just maybe there was no one there above the age of 6 except us (and the parents, of course) 😆 !!

But who cares? I, for one, have always been a kid at heart. My kids too luckily. Although the movies were rather boring, there were a few scenes where we got some good laughs. And as we were leaving, we noticed there were actually quite a number of young-at-heart adults there as well.

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One Comment

  • mott

    *cough cough* Star Wars isn’t a movie for kiddies la… big men like my Mr.T love it… In fact, I know of CEOs who errm..collect these stuff and proudly display them.. ok, maybe they ARE big kids!