much ado about things that go bump

Today is the fifteenth day of the seventh moon on the Chinese calendar and it’s vegetarian day again! To me, that’s just it, another fifteenth, just as all other fifteenths are vegetarian days for us.

But I’m seeing lots of bloggers taking advantage of the Month of the Hungry Ghosts for SEO reasons to attract organic traffic from the search engines 😆 . How pathetic!

The seventh moon is a Taoist belief, not a Buddhist one, that I’ve been hearing about since I was a kid. Those stories and the huge stages erected along the streets to put up Chinese opera performances for the benefit of the hungry ghosts instilled real fear in us as kids.

But you know what, ghosts are everywhere every day. They don’t have to wait for this month to all come out at once for this big food party to pacify their growling tummies. So really, there’s nothing to fear. Just go on about your daily life as per normal and you’ll be just fine 😉 .

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