the week in my crystal ball

Let me look into my crystal ball. Ah yes, I can see some school holidays coming up… very, very soon. And I can definitely see me doing less driving and cooking and staying home more.

Skye will be preparing for her P6 exams and Raine her F3 exams. They’re all done with the school’s additional classes for the exams, thank goodness. So I don’t have to bring food to them after school any more. That sure is a relief.

Their tuition classes are still on during the school holidays but it’s minimal. Raine goes to tuition for 2 subjects and Skye only 1 subject. I don’t believe in too much tuition. If I can help them or they can handle the subjects on their own, that’s good enough.

The countdown to the exams are on. There’s a flip chart at school reminding the kids how many days to the exams. But the kids these days aren’t like us. They hardly worry about their exams. They’ve been having trial exam after trial exam so they’re already very well prepared (I hope! *bites nails*).

In fact, they can’t wait for the exams to start so they can get it over with sooner. Ya, neither can Mom so she can stop worrying 😆 .

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