thank goodness, they don’t have legs!

My kids want these

But we’ve got these

I really don’t have the time or the inclination for pets. Puppies are cute but they’re a lot of work, and a mom with 3 kids and a ‘taxi’ to run don’t need two more ‘kids’. Honest 😉 .

The two beagles in the photo above belong to a friend and were from the same brood. The male puppy went missing more than a month ago and has never been found. His sister is very lonely and has since put on weight. Worry can do that to you 😕 .

The fishes are leftovers from Skye’s school project. Skye’s Dad decided the fish deserve a better home than that small square plastic box Mom got them. So he got them a ‘castle’ with piped-in fresh water and an underwater forest to play in. Mom’s just thankful fishes don’t have legs!

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