are your kids into lanterns?

I can’t believe they’ve already started selling mooncakes and lanterns, and the Mid-Autumn (or Mooncake or Lantern) Festival isn’t until, what, mid-September 😆 ?

I asked my teens which lantern they want me to buy them and my girls turned their noses up at me and laughed it off. I’ve only bought lanterns once or twice in all the years that I’ve had kids.

They were never very keen on lanterns. Steev completely snubbed them. He didn’t care for lanterns or mooncakes. Like me 😆 !

The girls at least walked around the neighborhood with their lanterns for maybe one or two years. I remember the candles kept going off and I was having a heck of a time trying to light the candles on a windy night. Then the mosquitoes started making a feast of us and that was it!

But of course, I would try and make a thing about buying mooncakes, just to keep the tradition alive a little bit lah!