Sunday at Midvalley

I try to avoid Midvalley at all cost on the weekend. I don’t quite care to waste my precious weekend acting like some sort of hungry vulture circling the basement parking endlessly trying to swoop in on a vacant parking spot when clearly there are NO vacant parking spots to begin with.

My only excuse for going to Midvalley last weekend was that I had this darned Metrojaya voucher to use before it expires this week! I’ve been meaning to buy a handbag and there’s lots of handbags at Metrojaya so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong.

Turns out we went from the bags section to the ladies’ to the shoes and up to the men’s department, came back down to the bags section, then to the accessories to the ladies’, well, you get the picture and I just couldn’t make myself fall in love with any of the bags there.

It’s got to be love at first sight, you know, or it’ll never work out. Well, love don’t come easy, like they say. Luckily we’d sent DH and Steev off to read magazines at MPH earlier. If they’d tagged along, it would’ve put even more pressure on us.

Anyways after 2 hours, I finally settled on a black Beverly Hills Polo Club shoulder bag with multiple pockets and “brass knuckles hanging from my neck and my chain” like that song by Good Charlotte.

I’m not really crazy about the design. But under the circumstances, I thought, better close one eye and just grab it since it’s at 80% off, though the sign said 50%.

The girls think the bag is cute. I think it’s ugly. But then I’m notorious for making fashion statements out of my ugly handbags 😉 .

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