bad food weekend

Let’s just say part of the joy of eating out seems to have faded somewhat. Since we were out the whole weekend, I didn’t bother to cook. But some of our favorite restaurants are turning against us, it seems 🙁 .

Did you know Friday’s now charges for extra barbecue sauce? Yes, rm2 per little bowl, to be exact!! WTH!

They have a new menu too but don’t be fooled when you see the prices are the same for the $39.90 set. The portions and quality of the food has gone way down.

The tables weren’t even wiped clean and I ended up with sticky stuff on my elbow. The place was empty on a weekend night if you can believe it so our free drinks refills were very efficiently topped up. So that was good 😆 .

Jom Bali Cafe used to offer an extra bowl of rice free with their nasi lemak. No more! To be fair, I think many restaurants are cutting corners to try and make that extra buck.

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