Saturday at the PC Fair

Like I say, sometimes you need a weekend to recover from a weekend. Well, this is exactly how I feel right now. But of course, this also means we had one blast of a weekend.

You know how we sometimes try to plan a truly family sort of weekend without someone getting uptight about impending school exams or having to sacrifice being somewhere else. Well, this weekend fell together just like a jigsaw puzzle.

First stop was the food court at Suria. This is one of the few food courts we actually like liked because it’s clean and the food is was pretty good. Well, it’s still clean but the standard of the food has dropped tremendously. Yes, even my camera lost its appetite, so no photos.

The nasi lemak lady was hostile and purposely chose the smallest pieces of chicken and omelette for us. The chicken was probably raised in a gym because it tasted like chewy muscles. DH had mushed up chee cheong fun (flat rice noodles) in curry. Raine had the beef ball noodle soup that had no taste of beef at all while Steev’s pizza was expensive but so small he finished it in a couple of mouthfuls. In fact, I never even saw his pizza. He was done by the time I came back with the nasi lemak.

Next stop, the PC Fair so the girls could buy their headphones. You know what a ridiculous sardine can of a place that is. You can’t see anything except for people’s heads and a few scantily-clad la-la girls shoving brochures in your face. Whoever thought of this grossly ineffective marketing gimmick is completely missing the point. The guys are more interested in getting their hands on the cheapest piece of computer equipment than that poor anorexic girl in the knee-high boots, brother!

After 2 hours in that stuffy place with hardly any air-con, I had developed a throbbing headache so Skye and I called it quits and headed for Suria to find a cool place to sit down.

We grabbed a cup of Kaffeefrosten and 3 bagels at Vienna Bagels. I took some photos of it with my new PDA phone but later discovered I’d had the video function turned on the whole time. Duh! So I have nothing to show for our little bagel escapade either. It sure wasn’t my day for photos.

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    i have never visited any PC fair ever since dating with hubby!! He would go scouting and hunting for me instead!! So I am spared the jostling and squeezing and headache! 😛 BUT at the same time, I am drifted apart and seriously OUTDATED! hahaha