tumble me not

We walked past a Tumbletots advertisement the other day and it reminded me of the time when Steev was a wee toddler. Like all eager new parents, we were so excited about his new-found mobility that we thought, hey, why not sign him up with Tumbletots, it would be so cute and he can discover and develop even more mobility skills!!

We couldn’t wait to get started. They gathered the kids to sit in a circle. When the song and dance began, everyone clapped and sang as the kids stood in front of their parent in the circle and wiggled to the music.

Steev stood there for a minute. Unwiggling! Then he started toddling out of the circle. I pulled him back gently. All the other kids were still in their spots, wiggling their cute little bottoms. All except Steev who couldn’t wait to get away!

It was kinda distracting for the other kids and the teacher was starting to give me wierd looks. Something to the effect of ‘hello, can you control your kid please?’. But frankly, no matter how many times I pulled him back, he still tried to break out of that circle!

Finally after I was done singing, we moved to the play structures. Whew! I happily handed Steev over to DH. If DH thought he could do better, well, 😆 !

At the play structures, the parents lifted the kids one by one to the structures and ran alongside to cheer them on. Steev was clearly uninterested but because he didn’t want to fall off the structure, he did just one round and couldn’t wait to get off.

He didn’t cry or yell or anything. 😆 The poor thing! He just quietly insisted he was happier to be out of this whole bit of nonsense.

Actually a child’s likes and dislikes begins to show quite early in life. I asked him about it after we saw the signboard the other day. He vaguely remembers climbing those structures, and laughs.

Says my almost-17 going on 25 year old, “Aiyoh, Mom, why you all waste your money? Those things are so bo-rring and so childish!”.

Got a Tumbletot or whatever-active-play story to share?

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  • mott

    HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! My No.1 was the same!!!!! He just stared at everyone else…yelled when I asked him to dance. He wandered off to the play structures…and tried to tear them apart! Luckily it was free lesson….didn’t bother wasting my money anymore…playgrounds are much better!

  • clair

    There were no free lessons at the time. I guess it was before these companies started competing desperately for business, heh!

  • blinka.li

    oh, no free lessons for us! we HAVE to pay for the trial session. Well,Jien is fine,he kind of join a bit and wandered off a bit too. We joined for 3 months and stopped. Not that he is bored but US!!! We were thinking of joining the music class soon to KILL TIME partly and partly because he loves music and dance everytime the music starts!! kakaka….but just to share a bit, I do have frens who is like enrolling the baby (3 months old?) and then join almost ALL the rest of the art class la, music class la, bla bla bla. Wa liao!

  • clair

    These classes are only fun for a while, after that, they become a chore for both the parents and the kids, or at least that’s what I think!