our blogging all-nighter for charity

Good morning *stretch*. I can’t believe I’ve been up all night blogging non-stop 😆 . Yes, I’m still up at 4:30 am blogging for charity. At Day of Blogs 2008, I have to blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. No breaks. No rest.

But it’s all for a good cause so I don’t mind. In fact, Raine (aged 16), Skye (12) and me had lots of fun laughing away and making a lot of noise last night. The girls have gone to bed but they’ll be up soon to make breakfast. We’ll be blogging kinda in shifts.

Last night, we made a half-hearted attempt to go to the Daughtry jamming session at 1 Utama. Well, we hadn’t really planned to go. And besides, we had to start our blogging marathon at 9:00 pm. So we dropped in after dinner to see what’s up.

But when we saw the smokers and the whole polluted atmosphere and the rain, we decided to give it a miss. No big deal. We’re not that crazy about Daughtry anyways. Okay, I got to go wake the girls up. I’m seriously hungry here 😆 . Haven’t eaten since dinner.

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  • mommy to chumsy

    wow…you really blogged 24 hours?? well done 😀 When I read your 3rd para, i thought you really went to see Daughtry and couldn’t wait till I get to the part where you saw him….heheheeheh. It was held outdoor? aahhh…I don’t think I would be able to go see him too…with a toddler around and it’s not healthy to bring her to a polluted place eh?

  • clair

    Yeah it was outdoors and my girls were complaining about the smokiness and we only stayed long enough for Steev, my son, to snap some pictures of anything but Daughtry, hahaha.