how’s a mom supposed to dress…

.. to be taken seriously? I’m not sure. You’d think since I’ve been a mom for almost 17 years now, I should know. Maybe I don’t. I need someone to tell me.

I was supposed to be at Raine’s Open Day. Instinctively I reach for a tank top to go with my jeans. Of course! What else? I’ve got a whole rack of them in different colors. Given the insanely hot days we have here and me doing an insane number of errands a day, tanks are my standard daily garb.

Oh but wait a minute! If I’m going to a school event, I’d better cover up just a little bit. We’ve actually received a circular from Skye’s school some time ago instructing parents how to dress when we are in school premises. I think it says we’re not supposed to wear anything (ahem!) sexy 😆 .

Ack, I just know what the other moms are all going to be wearing. The working moms will come in their semi-suits and tick-tock shoes (read: heels). Some stay-at-home moms will come in their frills and tick-tock shoes while others will come in their baggy t-shirts, long pants and practical shoes.

And me? Ack, I’m going to look like some overgrown schoolkid wannabe if I show up in my cute little tank and hipster jeans. Well, so what? Only problem is I’m a mom and moms are supposed to act be all seriousness and authoritative-like and covered up!

Or so society would have us. Of course, I don’t believe the half of it. I think it’s crap! Still I decided to wear a cap-sleeved T instead of my tank top. Just before you go wondering – no, it’s not white 😆 !

Non-conformist that I am, there are times I need to be seen trying to fit society’s mold of how a mom should dress and talk and behave and what she should eat for breakfast, eh!

But just between you and me, I could be in a tank top and still be darned serious, know what I mean?

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  • Carol

    My wardrobe consists of piles of rock concert tshirts. I share your pain.

    I’ve found that if I pair any old skirt with a simple, solid-colored top (not a rock tshirt), it gives me a more dressed-up look. When I get home I change the skirt for a pair of shorts and I’m back to my old frumpy self.

    A simple skirt makes all the difference, for some reason.


    yo, talking about this, I just met my client from HK and she looked so YOUNG!! she told me she is 56 and she really look the most 45!! And of course, I can wear any of her nice baju, so IN, TRENDY and NICE! 🙂