this fascination with twins

For some strange reason, I’m all excited that Brad Pitt (okay, I admit he’s gorgeous) and Angelina Jolie have fraternal twins (‘grats, guys).

I mean, what are the chances of that? A boy and a girl in one pop?!

When I was pregnant with Steev, I remember thinking how cool it would be if I were having twins – a boy and a girl – yes, one of each and then I’ll basically be done with childbirth! Hahaha, no such luck!

Then when I was carrying Raine, I grew so big that people started getting all excited and asking me if I was having twins. For a while too, I was kidding myself that maybe, yes, maybe. Bleh!

Well, I didn’t have twins but I did have a blast with my pregnancies. Not one bout of morning sickness in three pregnancies, I looked good, felt great and really had a fantastic time throwing my weight around literally 😛 .

Still it’s hard not to be fascinated with multiple babies. It’s such a wonder looking at two or three tiny human beings who look exactly the same! When our friends had triplets, I just about went gooey. And well, even if they don’t look exactly the same, it’s still pretty amazing!

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  • Carol

    My sister got one of each in one shot – all natural, no fertility drugs added.

    Yeah, it’s all ooey-gooey until you have to take care of them for a whole weekend. I’m ready to give ’em back by Saturday afternoon.

  • BK

    :mrgreen: I agree with Carol. It’s all gooey until you have to take care of them for a whole weekend. My sister has twin boys and one weekend taking care of them was no fun … it was fun spending time with them. What am I saying, I am confusing myself 😆

    What I mean is, “it was fun taking care of them but tiring.” 😛

  • clair

    I understand what you mean. It’s fun playing with them for a while. But I’m sure it’s not easy handling two kids if you’re not used to it 🙂

  • Laane

    I’m a mom of 6 children. 2 of them are twins.

    Yes, there are certainly times it’s fun and joy.
    But when I wanted to go for a few groceries I got bored by all those people telling me how much fun it was. It took me a complete hour for a 3 minute errand.

    In fact I haven’t been able to enjoy them as much as I wanted, just because I was the one taking care of them.

    I’m always amazed how people only look at the outside.
    Babies are ooh and ah, untill they smell a dirty nappy.

    Well, it all arrives with the bundle too.

  • clair

    It can’t be easy taking care of them. Quite honestly, I don’t think I could’ve done what you did. I have a couple of friends who have triplets and they were just overwhelmed. They had to get extra help just to get by on a daily basis.