the mooncake shocker

I can’t believe mooncakes are already on sale. In July? Ow, gimme a break, they may as well sell it all year. At any rate, I had to go buy one for an 80-year-old relative who loves the stuff.

Obviously I’m the wrong person for the job. I don’t even eat mooncakes. So when the promoter started fussing around trying to get me to try the different flavors, I gave her the evil eye!

She was shocked and probably a little disgusted too by the looks of it. But then I’m not known as the fan guai lo (politely translated, it means banana or an unChinese Chinese) in the family for nothing.

When she couldn’t get me to sample it, she tried to convince me to buy a whole box of 4. I was like, no, just give me the lotus paste mooncake with the single egg yolk, thanks.

She gave me an exasperated look that I summed up to mean, but everybody buy mooncakes in boxes of 4!! I knew what she was thinking. At this point, I decided to repeat my order and flee the scene before she went into shock again!

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