hear that? I’m cool!

Raine called home to ask me to pick her up from school as she wasn’t feeling well. When I got there, she was waiting at the school office with a few of her classmates.

As I swept past them into the principal’s office, I greeted them with a simple hi guys. It’s my standard greeting when I pick up my kids or their friends. And my kids greet me back with ‘heya, sexy mama!’ or ‘wassup, mom’ so I guess we’re even *rofl*.

Anyways while I was in there signing the release form, the girls told Raine, Your mom is so cool. She says ‘hi guys’. If it were my mom, …” *rolls eyes and shrugs*

Hey, hear that? It’s hip being labeled ‘cool’ by a bunch of 15-year-old’s, okay!! Raine was so proud of me, bwahaha and that’s cool.

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  • Carol

    It’s like the Oscar award of mom-hood when your kids’ friends think you’re cool.

    “I’d like to thank the Academy….”

    Way to go, Mom!

  • mott

    heheheheh…that’s cool!

    I think my kids will be one of those, “You wait for me over there in THAT corner, k! Not in front of the school, K??!!! Got THAT MOM???!!!”