the road is not the playground

I often see my neighbor’s kids playing outside their house. Yes, on the road outside. Sometimes it’s badminton, sometimes it’s football, sometimes they’re just cycling around.

My kids, on the other hand, were only allowed as far as the garden when they were that age (around 6-10). Even then, they were hardly ever outside except occasionally to cycle or jump rope or kick a ball around.

When they were toddlers, we’d go to the park sometimes if the evenings weren’t too blazing hot. But I never let my kids out on the road to play. With all the warnings and reminders, my kids know they must never venture past that invisible rope just beyond our gate.

It’s a necessary precaution, I feel. You just never know when a vehicle is going to turn the corner and come speeding down the road. And then, who can you blame? The irresponsible driver or yourself?

Do you let your kids play on the road?

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  • Lynne

    We’ve been very fortunate and have owned homes located on cul-de-sacs when our daughter was smaller. We’d get with the neighbors and actually block off the big circle to traffic so the kids could play.

    Now, we not only live on a cul-de-sac, but have a huge back yard. We’re almost always out back and it’s great.

  • Nona

    When I was a child played in the road BUT when I was a child I lived in the middle of nowhere where maybe only 6 cars passed in a day.

    My own children will play in the yard. The BACK yard.

    It astounds me the kids I see playing in our neighborhood streets. SOme of them young enought they really should be under a parents eye still.

  • clair

    You’re right, of course. There are any number of reasons why accidents happen. I’d rather they play in the house if there’s no other choice.

  • clair

    I know what you mean. I guess it could well be that some moms are so busy they don’t even realize their kids are outside.

  • Elaine

    Once in a blue moon, I would let them cycle and scoot outside with close supervision. Other time it will be strictly in the garden with the gate locked up. Well, so far I can still do that coz we are staying in kampung with very little cars and no crazy “f1” drivers. It will be different story if we were to stay in the city.

  • clair

    We live in the city where time and tempers are short. I’ve read too many horror stories in the papers *rolls eyes*.