taking the bus at last

Well, next month is already here and today is Steev’s first morning taking the college bus. Whew, no more carpooling and worrying day after day about him being a car driven by reckless noobs who give no thought to their road safety.

His friend charges the same amount per month as the college bus. We found out that although he says it’s for gas money, Steev is the only one he collects from.

He doesn’t charge his other ‘good’ friends and as far as we know, his parents are still forking out the gas money. This can only mean he’s pocketing the exorbitant sum without his parents’ knowledge. What a crooked kid!

At any rate, enough is enough! I’d rather be paying for peace of mind here. It costs me the same price anyhow. The college bus looks good. It’s air-conditioned. It’s convenient and there’s lots of other kids taking it. So I’m happy 🙂 .