so we gate-crashed a wedding

Well, sorta! First off, we didn’t get invited to the wedding of the niece of DH’s longtime friend. DH’s friend didn’t know and innocently told DH he would be seeing us at the church wedding.

This was like 2 days before the wedding, and it set off a series of confused questions, raised eyebrows and debate on whether we should tell his friend we weren’t invited or just play along. To cut a long story short, DH’s friend inadvertently ended up “inviting” us to the church wedding.

His sister was shocked to see us (since she didn’t invite us) and she didn’t hide her surprise either. She pretty much snubbed us. I can’t imagine why since we weren’t exactly excited to be there ourselves. No disrespect but we find church weddings to be extremely boring.

We wasted an entire morning at church, the kids plugged into their MP3s and me playing Solitaire on my PDA phone while DH snored nearby. We left without eating lunch and instead headed for McDonald’s for some much-needed comfort food.

What a laugh we had when DH’s friend messaged later to say he didn’t know the venue of the wedding dinner. And dinner was just hours away! At that point, I decided that we shouldn’t even go. It was quite obvious DH’s friend had accidentally slipped out about the wedding and felt he “had” to invite us.

It’d been awkward enough at the church wedding. I just couldn’t imagine dressing up and spending hours at the dinner afterwards knowing we hadn’t been sincerely invited, know what I mean?

But we did go, finally. But only because by then, DH felt he couldn’t say no since his friend had gone through all that trouble to get us invited. I felt wierd walking in, all dressed up almost expecting to be pounced on and thrown out the front door. It’s my first time gate-crashing, you see, so I guess it’s natural to feel a little paranoid.

Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy the dinner. Not one bit. Heck, by the time we got settled in, I didn’t even feel the least bit sociable and had to resort to perfunctory nods and courtesies to get me through the rest of the evening.

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