rising cost of living force parents to give away their kids

With global food prices escalating rapidly, it’s the kids that I feel sorry for. Ultimately I think they are the ones who will suffer most especially those in the third world countries.

In the news today is a family giving up their 11-year-old son to the orphanage in the hopes he will have a better life than if he were to remain in the village. Both his parents are still alive but they have a string of other younger children that they can’t afford to feed.

So they figured he’d be better off at the orphanage where he can have proper care and a proper education. It’s heart-breaking to watch the youngster, fighting back tears, preparing to leave the people he loves and a life he’s familiar with.

It must not have been an easy decision for his parents either. But increasingly it seems parents are seeing this as one solution to the high cost of raising kids.

I tend to look at this as part of a bigger problem. Parents who can’t afford to provide for their kids should seriously consider contraceptives. They should be educated about the responsibilities of parenting and be given the information to make choices before they even have those kids.

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