the long wait for dinner

I went to a wedding dinner last night. Normally we don’t take the kids because it’s considered rude to bring your whole family and take up precious seats at a Chinese 9-course wedding dinner.

But last night, the kids got a rare treat. Of course, the girls were all excited at the last minute trying to decide what to wear and which shoes to go with the dress, etc.

We got there unfashionably early, of course, like we always do. It’s rude to keep others waiting but we’re the rare folks in this country who seem to think so.

Everyone else only start drifting in way after 7pm with nary an apology. It’s the done thing here. Everyone does it. No one complains because they’ll all in this together.

On the invite, it says dinner starts at 7pm but if we ever get to eat before 9pm, that’s considered lucky. Well, we got lucky. Dinner started 10 minutes before 9. Woo-hoo!

We were practically jumping with joy. Not that we were hungry. We always eat before we go. The kids have their MP3 players each, I have games and songs on my PDA phone so we’re all nicely settled in for the long wait…

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