fewer cars on the roads

As I was zipping around Friday picking up and dropping off my kids at their various activities, it struck me that the roads and highways were unusually quiet for a Friday, and it took me less time to get to where I was going.

It’s not a long weekend when people would typically leave the city. I was wondering if maybe the working folks were extending their weekend to watch Euro 2008. BTW, I can’t understand the football craze so I’m like why lose sleep of 11 guys kicking a ball, hmmph?

Yesterday I noticed the grocery store was fairly empty too. Today I stopped by another grocery store where I usually buy my Australian beef and I found lots of free parking spots!

Very strange! Then I read in the papers that traffic into the city has dipped sharply this week, buses, trains and parking lots are bursting at the seams, and people are on wait lists to buy motorcycles?!!

Wow! I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a drastic impact from a fuel price hike before. Usually people complain for a few days, then they forget the whole thing and go back to life and business as usual.

Maybe not this time.

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