what’s for lunch this week?

I’ve been cooking up a storm all week. All in an effect to cut cost now that everything’s so expensive. Thankfully my kids didn’t complain. They even said this has been the best week in lunches.

I made chicken pot pie on Monday. The kids loved it so much that they did an encore. So on Tuesday, I was at it again making chicken pie for the second day in a row.

On Wednesday, I made two types of pasta like I usually do. Steev and I prefer spaghetti olio but the girls like spaghetti bolognaise. So I always make both types.

I had some leftover pie filling from Tuesday so that was perfect for another small batch of chicken pies. I also made a tuna pasta for my big eaters.

Today I made pan-fried fish fillet with buttered rice. I’ve never made buttered rice before. It just hit me like a stroke of lightning so I decided to go with it.

What’s on next week’s lunch menu? I don’t know yet 🙂 . We’ll see.

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