hot mama

When I read about Linda Hogan dating a 19-year-old guy who went to school with her kids, I was like whaa-at? I’m sure mothers everywhere are thinking the same thing.

In this video that I came across on CNN, it’s a hot topic and I guess people are trying to make some sense of it all.

Granted this older woman-younger man thing is not entirely uncommon especially in the celeb world, but the question that begs to be answered is what does a 19-year-old see in a 48-year-old woman who is old enough to be his mother?

Well, according to relationship experts, young men that age are often attracted to the confidence older women exude, especially those who look good, have great bodies and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Wow? Really? Now it so happens a couple of guys from Raine’s class seem to think I’m hot. Hot? Well now, that’s hardly the word I’d expect a 15-year-old to use on me! Since when did kids that age start checking us out? Tsk, tsk.

But hey, if a kid can say that of me, what more someone like Linda Hogan, huh? Geez, is this world going topsy-turvy or what? *rolls eyes*

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