me? a celeb, you say?

We’ve been invited to a wedding at the end of this year. The daughter of DH’s cousin will be getting married and we’ve been told six months ahead so we can keep the date free. See how important we are 😆 .

Well, I’m just happy this gives me time to swing my gym workouts into high gear. Quite frankly, I’m pretty happy with the shape I’m in right now. But knowing about the wedding this early means I have no excuses not to work those abs to perfection.

I spoke with the gym trainer the other day and asked if he had super-effective, super-quick abs workouts for me. Maybe there’s a secret formula I don’t know about.

He offered to be my personal trainer. He says every celeb has one to push them to body beautiful. Wow! Okay, okay, just gimme a minute to come down from Cloud Nine.

Um, on second thought, I’m no celeb. I can sing all of the Backstreet Boys songs in the bathroom. Wait a minute. That’s it! I look like a celeb but didn’t know it? Nah, surely he’s got me confused with JLo or Beyonce or someone with a famous butt, muacks *rolling on the floor laughing*.

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