end of carpool

Steev’s carpooling dilemma continues, just when I thought our headaches were over. There are four kids in the carpool. Steev and the other guy in the carpool aren’t old enough to drive yet.

The guy who took over the driving when he got his driver’s license three months ago has decided to charge 100 bucks a month for gas money now that he’s got his own car.

Just last month, one of the girls got her driver’s license and her own car. So they will be alternating the driving between them.

First off, 100 bucks gas money is ridiculous for a one-way ride to school in a tin can of a car with very low fuel consumption.

Secondly, that girl is a Hell Driver! She’s barely out of driving school and already she’s overtaking 3 trucks in a row on the fast lane. Not with my son in the car, she doesn’t!!

So Steev is going to take the bus. There’s only half a month left of June but the college bus operator wants to charge me a full month. So I’m going to stick it out with driving Steev for the rest of June and he takes the bus next month.

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