the chronic bulk shopper strikes again!

The last weekend before school reopens is always crazy busy. I took the kids for their haircuts. They were starting to look like heavy-metal rockers. Then there’s always the last-minute stationery supplies which somehow seem to run out right on the day before school starts.

This time, there was the added hassle of trying to buy up some essentials in bulk. I already have 5 bags of rice, two 5kg bottles of cooking oil, toilet rolls, toothpaste. I wasn’t sure if I should stock up on Milo as well since I still have like 10kg from my last bulk run 😆 .

I’ll probably grab some more stuff this weekend. But frankly, if fuel prices are going to go up every month, there’s probably only so much you can stock up. I always buy in bulk anyways so I guess it’s a matter of looking around for the best prices without having to drive out of my way to get them.