Iron Man and other thoughts

We finally managed to catch Iron Man and of course, it made a great day out with dinner and popcorn thrown in. Nowadays I don’t even have to lift a finger when we go to the movies, except to dig out my wallet and fork out the cash.

Between the kids, they’ll decide what’s a good movie to watch. Then Raine does the ticket bookings online and we’re off. At the cinema, the kids run off to collect our tickets while I line up for popcorn. Works out really well.

Raine says it’s a shame many of her school friends don’t go to the movies with their parents. As for me, I’m happy to hang out with my kids as long as they’re happy to hang out with me 😉 .

It’s something I would’ve loved to have done with my parents when I was growing up. We just never did. Too bad my parents were too busy leading grown-up lives and had little time left over to indulge their kids.

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