there goes my dreams of hibernating

It’s been a mildly wild weekend for us. We’ve been eating out all weekend, yes, every single meal. I love eating out as it saves me thinking what to cook for my brood of fussy eaters 😆 .

I just got a call from some cousins who are coming to town on vacation. Well, it looks like my plans to kick back just went out the window. I run around so much during the school semesters that I’d really appreciate any chance I get to stay home and hibernate just to catch my breath back.

With visitors coming, I’m having mixed feelings. It’s nice to catch up and do something together but it also means my agenda will be full and I won’t get to sleep in late, laze around the house and just be generally lazy, know what I mean?

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  • laVender

    Hibernating? Catch your breath? That’s toooo funny! I guess you can find the good in everything because you can always DREAM about hibernating. 😆

  • Audrey

    I’m Audrey. I found your site through the MommyFest. Though it’s long over I’m so loving all the women I’m meeting and all the great blogs I’m finding.

    I’m chuckling. We did not go out to eat even once over the weekend and I was so excited!! I actually cooked every night and had leftovers for lunch the next day. Of course now we’re back to “eat whatever, whenever” LOL.