seat belts for backseat passengers

My kids tell me that there’s soon going to be a new ruling requiring even the backseat passengers to wear seat belts. About time too! I am a self-confessed road safety freak. My kids have been in car seats since the day they were born.

It’s a habit they’ve grown up with. Even now, they instinctively strap themselves in even if they’re in the back seat. People think we’re nuts because it’s not required by law so no one bothers.

It makes me fume to see careless parents leaving their kids unrestrained in the car, some with their limbs sticking out the window of a moving vehicle or something stupid like that!

I don’t understand why people need a law to compel them to look out for their/their children’s safety. Shouldn’t that be in the package along with other parental instincts?

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