Happy Wesak!

Happy Wesak if you’re celebrating. May you be well and happy.

As is our ritual, the kids and I were off to the temple first thing. One of the Wesak Day rituals that my kids have enjoyed since they were little is bathing the young Buddha.

I tried to take a photo but the guy in charge was trying to keep the lines moving along. I didn’t think he would’ve appreciated me holding up the line to take photos.

Since the kids’ school exams are next week, it’s perfect timing to light an oil lamp and pray they do well. Which mommy doesn’t wish for straight A’s 😆 ? I do but I’m not obsessed, okay 😉 ?

While I was lighting the oil lamp, the kids ran off to stuff money into the donation boxes scattered all over the temple grounds. Each donation box is for a different cause/purpose so they decide what their favorite charities are and how much money to donate.

Of course, they found this fantastic opportunity for us to do our small bit for the victims of the recent earthquakes in China. Whatever your religion, if you can, please include China and also Myanmar in your prayers, thanks.

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