what teens want, some parents just don’t get it

One of Raine’s friends from school spent Mother’s Day. alone. at home. while her parents were out on a date to celebrate Mother’s Day. That’s like a bit of a surprise to Raine since we’ve always celebrated Mother’s Day and other occasions together as a family, no matter how busy we are.

When Raine told me this, she said she feels sorry for her friend whose parents seem to use money as a replacement for parental love. But what’s the point of her parents giving her money, money, money to buy anything she wants but they’re never there to do things with her?

Yes, it’s a sad fact these days, isn’t it? Even my 15-year-old thinks so. Came lunch time on Mother’s Day, her friend found herself home alone (her elder brother had gone out) with nothing to eat. So she called her parents. They bluntly told her to just go find something to eat and not to disturb their day out!

Her father is planning to take up a job overseas. She asks what’s wrong with the job he has right now and why can’t he stay? His reply, he’ll be making even more money if he goes. But she doesn’t want him to.

She’s trying to reach out to her parents. What she needs is love, Raine tells me, not money, but her parents just don’t get it! What good is money if they don’t care about her or how she’s doing in school or that she just wants to be a family?

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  • Frances

    That really makes me sad… and so grateful that my mom and dad weren’t like that. I had plenty of friends who never had there parents around.. always made me feel bad for them.

    Money is not everything.. Nothing can replace love and all of the wonderful sides to family.

    Great blog post!

  • clair

    I think parents focus too much on their work these days, and not enough on their kids and family. Did your friends turn out okay without their parents being there? I hope this poor girl does.