mom vs mp3

These days, I shout a lot. Not because I’m angry with my kids but because they can’t hear me with that mp3 player perpetually blasting in their ear. I’m sure my neighbors can hear me better.

3 teens = 3 mp3s stuck in 3 pairs of ears

Apparently if you’re a teen and you don’t have some wire hanging out of your ears, you ain’t cool! I guess that’s a good way to shut out mom and rock to your own tune, eh?

Kids: You don’t have to shout, Mom, we’re not deaf.

Mom: How else can you hear me with that thing blasting in your ear?!! I said, pick up your clothes, you haven’t done it yet!


Mom: Did you hear me??!!

No, you didn’t, that mp3 is too loud!! Grrr!!

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  • April

    I wonder if we were like that when the Walkman first came out and everybody had to have one. 😉

    (P.S. Just dropping by from MommyFest.)

  • clair

    I don’t know, April, I had it in my ears for a while but I don’t recall hearing any shouting, maybe the music was too loud 😆 . Thanks for stopping by, I’ll visit with you in a bit.