the world’s biggest crapping family

I met a mother yesterday at Skye’s school who is perhaps the biggest chatterbox I’ve ever met in my life. The woman just would not stop talking. It’s not like I know this woman, okay? I’ve never met her in my life. Her kids have just transferred over from another school. That’s it.

But apparently it was just my luck that I happened to be standing beside her as we waited for the school bell to ring. The next thing I knew, she was blabbering away like there’s no tomorrow. I kept looking at my watch. She kept on blabbing!! It’s inconceivable that she does not know she’s being a pest. I think she just didn’t care.

It’s not like she had anything interesting or constructive to say. She’s just so full of crap. And I think she might even be quite proud of herself for being so full of IT! Hahaha, poor woman. According to Skye, her two kids are also notorious for blabbering crap non-stop. You reckon they’ve taken after their mom?

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