here comes sushi cigar mommy!

I’ve never made sushi at home before. But since DH brought home stacks of nori (seaweed) sheets, I have no choice but to find a way to use them. They’re big sheets, not the little ones you can crunch as a snack.

So I decided the quickest way to consume them would be to make California rolls and sushi. I’ve done California rolls before. But I don’t have a sushi mat. So I figured I’d be sushi-challenged because of that.

To be honest, I prefer to buy ready-made sushi than bother rolling them myself since we don’t eat it very often anyways. So I really didn’t want to go out and buy a mat that I’ll probably use only once or twice.

So I went ahead and rolled my sushi without a mat. It’s not that difficult and it didn’t come undone as I’d expected. I just pressed it a little harder and it kept its shape very well. I didn’t cut it into smaller pieces but left it the length of the nori sheet.

The kids found this long roll to be quite a novel idea and came back asking for “another sushi cigar please”. Haha, sushi cigar mommy, that’s moi. Happy Tuesday tooting, y’all!

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