imprisoned in the “House of Horror” for 24 years

The story of the ‘House of Horrors‘ in Austria where a man imprisoned his daughter for a quarter of a century really shocked me. The fact that she had, all this while, been in the basement of the house of the very house where her own mother lives, makes it all the more difficult to imagine.

So many questions were running through my head as I was reading the story. Her father had been sexually abusing her since she was 11. Why didn’t she tell her mother or someone about it?

In the initial period of being held captive, why didn’t she try to escape? Surely when he was converting the basement into a living area, there must’ve been plenty of opportunities when she could’ve done something.

Psychologists say it’s learned helplessness that prevented her from saving herself all these years. Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s possible to even imagine what this poor woman has gone through. It’s really tragic for both her and the children, and the process of mental healing is going to be long and arduous, I would think.

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  • Natasha

    I can not imagine a woman not wondering why the husband was the one always finding the babies dropped off at the door. How could he of burnt a baby without someone smelling the stinch from it. Then they say he could get up to 15 yrs. Here is a man that took 24 yrs of his daughters life and she will have mental problems the rest of her life. 3 children have lived in a dungeon and never seen sunlight. never played outside never had friends and never been to school and raised like animals. No most of us trat our animals like our kids. Then he is only getting 15 yrs.

  • Unbelievable

    It is hard for me to believe that Elisabethís mother knew nothing and suspected even less in her own house.
    I myself have an authoritarian father. If my father told me something was off limits that would be the first place I would go when he wasnít around, and Iím the good child. Where did Elisabethís mother think he was when he was at home? Remember he is retired. What did she think he was doing in the cellar if no one was allowed there? Why didnít she question the children in her home? And why did she report her daughter missing sooner when she disappeared in í84. Where is the other six siblings during Elisabethís disappears remember she was the oldest of the seven and she was only 18 years old. Were she and her mother having children from this man at the same time? Rosemarie should be ashamed of herself to even let America know that she is that stupid and or slow. PLEASE!!
    Elisabeth is the same age her mother was when they last saw each other. EERIE isn’t it!!

  • clair

    I agree, 15 years is nothing compared to the 24 years she’s been robbed of her life. He should be getting life and hard labor, if you ask me.

    See, that’s what bugs me, that there are all these questions that nobody seems to have asked till now.