look who’s driving!

I could not believe my ears when Steev told me that his friend, the guy who’s just gotten his driver’s license, drove him and the rest of the carpooling kids to college last Friday.

Yesterday he drove them back and my jaw just dropped when I saw a black car stop outside my house, a young man behind the wheel and Steev climbing out of the back seat!!

All this without prior warning. The parents were supposed to be doing those runs, for crying out loud.

At any rate, I was just so happy to see Steev. OMG, I don’t understand how that guy’s parents can turn him loose with a carload of kids his age without even first discussing it with us to see if we would like our kids in his car!

I mean, I would think that’s the responsible thing to do – to give us a choice as to whether we want our kids to ride in his car!

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