this week’s quickie lunch menu

Just a while back, I was totally dry on lunch ideas. I was basically cooking the same things over and over, and although the kids didn’t really complain in so many words except for “again??”, I knew it was time to get creative.

I have to do some quickie homemade lunches and this is what I’ve got going so far:

  • Yesterday – hamburgers with onions and tomato
  • Today – store-bought curry puffs and tuna (leftover) sandwiches
  • Tomorrow – fried rice with ham
  • Thursday – pan-fried fish fillet with pasta
  • Friday – ham and cheese toasties

See, I’m not doing too badly, am I?

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One Comment

  • Erika

    Oh my gosh you are SOOO much more creative than me. I am lucky if I can break away from foods with “cheese” in the title…mac n cheese, grilled cheese, veggies and cheese, etc! I wish I could think up ideas like you have! My poor daughter — unfortunately I’m a better shopper than I am a cook. 😯