tsk tsk, stop comparing!

I met a mommy friend the other day and she was telling me her 12-year-old is such a budding little chef that she’s practically taken over her kitchen. Naturally I thought of my kids when I heard that, none of whom are culinary-ly-inclined (how do you like the new adverb I just coined?).

I felt perhaps the smallest stab of jealousy hearing what she said. Of course, part of me wanted to believe her claim fully but the more down-to-earth part of me kept reminding me that this woman has a tendency to exaggerate, just to make herself look better.

Much as I hate to compare my girls with hers, it still made me wish mine had the patience to stick around and roll out batches of sushi and bake a cake. Oh well, they’re good at craft and math and writing and so many other things so I really should stop comparing!

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