how to get kids to drink (fluids, I mean ;)

When the days get unbearably hot like they are now (we’re talking about the 90’s here), I have to keep reminding the kids to drink plenty of water.

‘Heatiness’ is a term we use here (I don’t know if the word actually exists in the dictionary but it should, honestly) to describe internal body heat which frequently manifests itself in fever and flu.

We guzzle plain water like nobody’s business in this household. My kids have been trained from the time they were babies to drink lots of water. Or barley if your kids will drink it.

But I know there are some kids who balk at the sight of colorless, tasteless fluids. So the only way to get them to drink is to sweeten the deal a little, like so…

Honey has cooling properties, or so I’ve been brought up to believe, and everybody loves it. I mean, can you name me one person who doesn’t like honey?

A few squeezes of lemon or lime and it becomes the honey-lemon/lime that restaurants serve. Then it becomes even easier to ‘sell’ this to your kids.

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