desperately driving mom

Yesterday was totally crazy. It being a Friday didn’t help either. Steev had a nasty flu and fever and asked to come home early from college. On the way to pick him, I decided to stop by at the grocery store near his college to pick up a few things.

Getting from the grocery store to his college (which is just around the corner) would normally only have taken 10 minutes or less. But yesterday was Friday and the rush hour is pure madness. What’s worse, my minivan was running out of gas.

Since there was a huge traffic jam, I decided to go fill up first at a nearby gas station. Well, seemed like I picked the time when everyone else was out of gas. Five minutes in the line at the pump, I couldn’t wait any more and turned back out to the main road to join the jam.

It took me a half hour to get to Steev’s college. By that time, I had only 15 minutes left to get to Skye’s school about 20km away. There was no way I would make it if I didn’t speed. And speeding is one thing I almost never do when I have kids in my car.

But I found myself switching lanes and trying to get ahead of those giant trucks on the highway. Desperate measures. My car was running out of gas, the clock was ticking and my youngest was waiting at school.

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