do you make nostalgic trips with your kids?

Raine, Skye and I had a girls’ day out today. We went downtown to a shopping mall that I used to frequent when I was a single working girl. It was a pretty nostalgic trip for me, walking through the mall like it was only yesterday when me and my girl friends used to shop there after work.

I know that mall inside out. I just couldn’t stop pointing out to my girls every single store I’d been to and what I bought from there once upon a time.

I was thrilled to find that the chicken rice shop where we used to have lunch is still there. OMG, they serve the yummiest chicken rice ever and that’s where we had lunch today. I wanted Raine and Skye to see the place and taste the food.

Do you ever share stories of your single days with your kids? Or show them your favorite haunts?

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