I went splat!

Okay, klutz that I am, I fell yesterday as the kids and I were headed to McDonald’s for breakfast after our gym workout. I missed the small step as we were entering the building. Funny thing is I know that step is there but I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a couple of months and I kinda forgot it’s there.

So I went splat across the floor, gym bag and all. There was a guy sitting out front having his breakfast. When he saw me fall, he just sat there and laughed. What a regular nice guy 😈 !

My kids were walking ahead of me and when they heard me go sprawling, they came to help me up. Both my knees are swollen and my left wrist is sprained. It hurt like crazy for a while but it’s not a big deal.

I’ve been gently massaging all said parts with a herbal oil rub that’s like the cure-all in our family for generations. I was expecting to be stiff as a scarecrow when I woke up this morning.

But nothing like that. The swellings have gone way down and my wrist hurts much less. Well, I still wince in pain when I have to shift my minivan into gear but hey, it’s not nearly as bad as yesterday :wink: .

If you didn’t know I’m a klutz, well, now you know :razz: .

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