a joy to talk to

Even though I’m around my kids so much, it still amazes me when I learn something totally new about them that I don’t know why I never noticed before. Has this like ever happened to you before?

I’ve noticed recently that my youngest, Skye, really cracks me up with her jokes at the most unexpected moments. These days, I really enjoy picking her from school because we have some really great conversations punctuated with her jokes and comical observations of things.

Skye: Do you know how I can do well in my test, Mom?

Me (in true mommy style): By working harder and paying attention in class 😕 ?

Skye: Nope, by eating a sausage and two eggs for breakfast.

Me: Huh?

Skye: Then I’ll get 100 for my test.

Me (ROFL): 😆 😆

That’s my Skye. She used to be much more quiet and I’d pretty much do all the talking on the way home. Now she’s so much more chatty and witty.

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