should you let your child keep a pet?

fishI’ve never been one for pets. We’re just too busy as it is. So I really can’t see myself adding one more dependent that I have to feed and clean house for, know what I mean?

So although the girls have been asking for a pet dog, we never did get one. But now we have fish instead. It started out as Skye’s school project and somehow after that was over, DH decided the fish needed a bigger tank.

That’s how our aquarium came about and our population of fish has since grown manyfold. I guess I could live with the fact that DH and Skye are wholly responsible for ensuring the welfare of the fish and I don’t have to do a thing except admire how the fishes have grown and celebrate the birth of new fishes.

So do I think pets are a good idea? Yes because it’s certainly great how it brings out Skye’s responsible and caring side. When DH is overseas, she takes on the job of cleaning out the aquarium – all by herself.

It’s also gotten her interested in doing her own research about how to care for different types of fish. In fact, she’s telling me stuff that I never knew before. So yes, pets are good for kids but I’d still say no to cats and dogs for now though 😛 .

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