a down-to-earth prince

The more I read about Prince Harry’s stint as a soldier in a war-torn land, the more I’m convinced how he would do any mom proud. It’s a real shame his mom isn’t around to share his excitement about something he feels so passionate about.

I can’t imagine why a prince would leave the comfort of his cushy life to be just a ‘normal guy’. Life in the palace and life on some barren war zone are two worlds apart. Gosh, it must’ve been such a culture shock for him to be eating rations instead of any meal of his choice, to sleep in a tent, to go unshowered, to be walking around in the dust and the dirt.

I don’t know much about him but from what I’ve read, he strikes me as a very nice person (not a snob) and someone who cares deeply for other people. To be royalty and still so humble is indeed admirable. All I can say is I’m amazed, and very impressed.

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