Backstreet Boys Unbreakable 2008 concert – yes, we were there!

I know I said we weren’t sure if we were going. The girls and I had been listening to their songs all week and we got so hyped up there was just no way we could’ve not gone to this one. The Backstreet Boys Unbreakable 2008 concert. Yes, WE WERE THERE last night!!

And we are so glad we went or we would be kicking ourselves now! Granted the crowd control wasn’t that great but we managed to come out in one piece!

Then the thing about it being free standing and how I feared we would get squished. Ungrounded. We secured a prime spot with an unobstructed view on a raised embankment between two huge puddles of rain water, and we were just ready to rock and roll.


The best news was I got my voice back. I’d lost it Monday, darned sore throat and cough, and had been drowning in all sorts of cough syrup to speed things up. So there I was, singing and screaming my lungs out, dancing, jumping and waving, partying with my 3 kids and behaving like one of ’em crazy teens 😆 .

We screamed and waved wildly every time AJ or Howie or Nick or Brian sang solo or had on a different outfit, and we sang all the songs we knew, which was practically all of them.

We’d stood for 3 hours in the freakin’ thunderstorm, drenched to the skin, to see those guys. So there was no way, just no way, we were going to stand there like stones and not have fun!! Woo-hoo! It was such a blast. Didn’t I tell ya it’s hip to be mom?? 😆

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